Some people are not struggling with something that is wrong. Some people are simply trying to improve and become better today than they were yesterday. Is that you?

The goal in mind and what it will take from within to reach it varies from person to person because no two people are truly exactly alike. We all face different situations, challenges, opportunities, goals and circumstances. We all have different perspectives, foundations, logic and personalities. We have different resources and life experiences. We all have different knowledge and abilities. To top it off, Life is unpredictable at times. And in those life changing times, some people freeze and retreat while others flow and grow.

Here’s one example: A person can have lots of projects but also have poor time management. If someone helped you create a strategic system and adapt your mind to it, you could accomplish in one year what would otherwise take 3 or more years to do!

Or maybe you dream of becoming a truly loving and optimistic person, but you need to break the family chain of negative thinking, constant pessimism and history of failure after failure.

Personal Performance

PPAD offers a personal assessment, a lot of help, needed encouragement, clear direction, helpful resources and most of all, a personal strategic plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be in precise steps, on a timeline that makes you absolutely proud of yourself! You learn skills, drop old habits and become measurably better than you were in exactly the way you meant to.

Sessions can be done in person or online by appointment only.
Must call or email to schedule appointments.
Not covered by insurance.