Have you ever wished you could just speed up the mental and emotional process of recovering, overcoming, forgiving, changing or even letting go of something? Do you wish for completely satisfying closure once and for all? Clinical hypnosis is for the person who does not want to waste another day their life fighting their thoughts, feelings, and experiences until they basically have an epiphany (mental breakthrough) or get tired of fighting and eventually move on without closure. When we do some introspection or perhaps through years of counseling and even failed medication, we often realize that the personal issue we are fighting is deep in our own mind and that’s where we need to reach it. It needs to be changed from the inside out. Hypnotherapy is the only proven way to do that and to do it quickly. Since it deals with thoughts and feelings, it’s like precision brain and heart surgery but without an incision. There is no risk, no damage and no recovery time. We simply remove or change the only thing that needs to be changed. A Clinical Hypnotherapist is like a skilled gardener. They know there is a lot of good in you. Let’s call those thoughts and feelings “beautiful flowers.” And then there are the weeds. We only want to remove the weeds leaving the garden even more beautiful than it ever was.

Is Hypnosis real and can it help YOU?

Sessions can be done in person or online by appointment only.
Must call or email to schedule appointments.
Not covered by insurance.

Discounts apply for the following: (Veterans, students, seniors 65+, first responders, clergy, legally disabled, Medicaid. Package rates are available for multiple sessions)


Hypnosis itself is a natural state of mind between being awake and asleep. All three are created by God for specific purposes that our mind needs to carry out.  Hypnosis is our “autopilot” mode which saves mental energy during the day, much like when we drive home from work but can’t remember the drive yet somehow we arrived safely. Or when you walk into a room but forget what you came for.  Or when you were about to say something but suddenly you can’t think of the words.  Or when you realize you were just in a daze.  Or when you were having a conversation and then realized that you don’t know what the other person just said.  Or when you are looking for something and it happens to be right in front of you.  Or when you find a cut or a bruise but you have no idea how or when you got it. Those are just a few examples.  And maybe you can relate to all of them.  Most people do.  And that’s because all people experience natural hypnosis approximately 15 times per day without realizing it.  In a clinical setting a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist combines a variety of scientifically proven deep relaxation and behavior modification techniques with guided imagery while you are in the hypnotic state. Immediate changes in thoughts, habits and behaviors are made via suggestions, which the mind chooses to accept or reject depending on the content.  This resets the “autopilot” and leads to new and preferred choices, thoughts, feelings and behaviors in day to day life. This is the reason that hypnosis brings forward desired results in the client’s life practically overnight.  It is painless, natural and carries no risks.  You cannot be forced to do anything against your will.  You would simply become alert naturally and right away.

Hypnosis is absolutely painless and carries no risks.  Further, Hypnotherapist are bound by the same kind of ethical code as medical doctors: “Do no harm.”

The mind has two parts; the conscious mind (thinks, filters and makes decisions over time) and the sub-conscious mind (learns, creates beliefs and operates as our autopilot instantly).

Our beliefs determine how we perceive and how we automatically react to everything we experience. For instance, if you touch a flame, you will burn your hand. The subconscious mind instantly learns to automatically avoid flames to prevent getting burned. The belief is set and you never touch a flame again.

Sub-conscious beliefs influence every decision we make, so the subconscious mind creates how we live our lives and controls what we choose.

Hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind and rapidly replaces old beliefs with new ones. This leads to new automatic thoughts, different decisions, and ultimately a more satisfying life.

Habits like smoking, drinking, nail biting, lying, swearing, procrastinating, and day dreaming.

Non-narcotic addictions like porn, gambling, shopping, sugar, carbs, chocolate and video gaming.

Mental “Help”, like Trauma, PTSD, OCD, IBS, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression and sleep struggles.

Fears and Behavioral issues like hypochondria, co-dependency,  fear of rejection or abandonment.

Professional issues like writers block, public speaking, sales performance& leadership abilities.

Academic issues like easier learning, comprehension, memory & recall.

Spiritual issues like negative soul ties, grief and loss, struggles with temptation, forgiveness, heart break, feeling lost and discerning the calling in their life.