There are thousands of motivational speakers, world leaders, celebrities, coaches, pastors and more.  Each one has a life-changing story and shares game changing wisdom for those who heed it.  But you have to be able to relate and apply the information.  And even then you have to have the active willpower to stick with it.  That’s what makes Rev. Corrin different.  Early on she used to believe that God must have hated her to have put her through so many traumatic experiences starting at a young age.  And to have overcome them all, she felt like God was constantly testing her limits. But over time, she came to realize that all along God was preparing her for precisely the work she does today.  Today she helps people from all walks of life, and at any age, to overcome things they never could.  Often she does this with just sharing a small portion of her overall story.  Combined with her skillset to actually change minds, many who witness her speak walk away never the same!  They don’t have to depend on willpower.  They truly change.  Some find God. Some reconnect with God.  Some experience personal victory.  But no one stays exactly the same.  Her mission when speaking is to make sure that anyone she ever speaks to walks away better for having met her.

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