Extraordinary Change Hypnosis, LLC is a faith-based, MWEE owned, personal performance and mental ”help” practice. Our mission is to lead clients to the extraordinary and rapid change their heart desires right from their first session.

Our clients seek us for a broad variety of personal issues with the intent to overcome them. Here is a brief list of the things our clients gain victory over:
Habits like smoking, drinking, nail biting, lying, swearing, procrastinating, and day dreaming.
Non-narcotic addictions like porn, gambling, shopping, sugar, carbs, chocolate and video gaming.
Mental “Help”, like Trauma, PTSD, OCD, IBS, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression and sleep struggles.
Fears and Behavioral issues like hypochondria, co-dependency, fear of rejection or abandonment.
Professional issues like writers block, public speaking, sales performance& leadership abilities.
Academic issues like easier learning, comprehension, memory & recall.
Spiritual issues like negative soul ties, grief and loss, struggles with temptation, forgiveness, heart break, feeling lost and discerning the calling in their life.

Meet Rev. Corrin Matthews-Rutkowski CHt.

Corrin MatthewsFor nearly 20 years Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Personal Performance Coach and Bible teacher Rev. Corrin Matthews-Rutkowski has been fulfilling the unique call of God on her life to love and serve others.

Corrin is dedicated to helping people receive and achieve extraordinary change in their lives. She does that through a variety of life changing, heart balancing, soul healing and skill building ways. They include professional group training and teaching on conquering the issues of the mind and life, 1 on 1 ministering and biblical counseling, personal performance coaching, clinical hypnosis for deep subconscious issues and behaviors or overall mental “help” as she lovingly calls it.

She has worked across the country and internationally with non-profits, community organizations, church congregations, businesses, entire athletic teams, individual Olympians along with other athletes, a few celebrities and thousands of every day “down-to-earth real people” just like you. Helping each person or group achieve rapid and extraordinary change personally or professionally.

She received her BA in Psychology from Rochester Institute of Technology and her Master Certification as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Sports Mental Coach from Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She continuously enhances her education staying current with new developments in the field of hypnosis, steadily developing her unique technique in providing rapid and extraordinary change.

Corrin’s training, experience, and record of achievement have placed her in great demand as a minister, motivator, teacher, speaker, coach, specialist, therapist and for athletes, she is their secret weapon.

Her passion is to see lives healed and dreams come true, and without delay!
If you seriously want to make an extraordinary change in your life, the first step is easy… Dial 716-359-6686 and say hello to your extraordinary change.

Important Note

It’s important to understand that there are people who “can do hypnosis” and professionals who are “certified Hypnotherapists”.  There is a huge difference in their skill, ability, training and professionalism. After all you are asking them to help you change something directly in your life and exposing them to your mind.  Ask for their certification and read their client reviews.  Especially for athletes you should only trust a Professional Hypnotherapist who is Certified in Sports Hypnosis and Mental Coaching. Again, ask for their certification.