All the great coaches of note and record-breaking athletes have known and been quoted stating that 90 percent of any sport is the mental game.  Professional mental skills training is the difference between athletes who are elite and everyone else.  This kind of training can eliminate and completely block hesitation, frustration or distractions, increase laser-like focus and really “get you in the zone” on demand!  This training can give you a competitive edge by enhancing your mental game, minimizing and managing pain, helping injuries recover faster, and correcting muscle memory that leads to repetitive mistakes.  It can be used for athletes of any level, whether a weekend warrior, a little league coach trying to get the most out of his or her players, a high school or college athlete with a lot to gain or a semi-pro or big league player looking to maximize their performance or even break records.

Our mission:

In the world of sports, I aim to be the most extraordinary mental skills coach and secret weapon of teams, coaches, and individual athletes who desire to achieve unmatched competitive domination, build absolutely raving fans, and increase the overall bottom line for individual athletes and entire teams.

Extraordinary Change can become your secret weapon:

As a high performance specialist I provide high level mental skills coaching that analyzes, creates, implements, and monitors maximized enhancement of ability, performance, growth, cohesiveness, and profitability of individual sports professionals, teams, and clubs, delivering extraordinary changes rapidly.

Agents, club owners, managers, colleges, coaches, and individual sports professionals and athletes all have different roles, separate goals and require different efforts, but all want to create raving fans, take home the title and see their bottom line increase.  A single instance can make or break a career opportunity or critical play, win or lose a critical game, change the outcome of a single event and even the whole season. That instance immediately affects the player performance, coaching tactics, scouting choices, management decisions, team ranking, the fan experience and ultimately the profit potential and future projections.

From a management perspective, the programs I create rapidly enhance athletic performance – sometimes dramatically,  increasing fan loyalty and the fan experience. Ultimately impacting the things which affect the overall financial bottom line and future projections.

I meet with coaches to learn about the entire team, special teams and individual players so that I can create tailor-made impact programs.  Programs can cover a wide variety of critical mental skills  like consistency, attitude, cohesive tendencies, habits, patterns and performance in a variety of circumstances or particular situations in which they might train or play.  I am able to facilitate faster, greater and measurable change, overall performance and consistency.  These issues can be mental, emotional, physical or otherwise.

I work with agents who are watching closely, scouting and grooming the upcoming sports superstars of the moment and the future.  Agents know talent, understand potential and explore the opportunities for growth better than anyone.  On this level we can help an athlete develop exceptional habits and performance ability from the start of their career.

We meet with and analyze individual player psychological profiles, consistent performances, emotional performance and triggers, unconscious habits, muscle memory patterns, distractions, and even injury recovery rate.  They often know what their real struggle may be, which isn’t always apparent to anyone else.  This gives them the chance to take advantage of just how much they can improve themselves or enhance not only their performance but also their value.

Using unique performance enhancement modalities such as sports hypnosis, NLP,  and nuero-bio feedback I work one-on-one, or groups,

My highly specialized sessions become an instant asset to our clients.  My goal for you, or your team is to make a difference that makes a profit and builds absolutely raving fans!