“I’ve been a client of Corrin’s for a few years. She’s worked wonders for me in terms of my fear of heights. Most recently, we did a couple sessions to get me through a trip to Hawaii that was going to involve travel on steep mountain roads. That trip with my daughter would have been ruined without Corrin’s expert help. She’s amazing with such a sweet calming manner. I highly recommend her service!”


“I was searching for someone to get me through a very dark period in my life as I was battling anxiety,depression, and had anger issues that were getting out of hand affecting my life. I reached out to various therapist/counselors , only to not get any response from them at all, and then I reached out to her site and received an immediate response, only after a couple of sessions I was able to turn my life around in such a positive way, today I am a better person and was able to move forward. I am very thankful and highly recommend her.”


“My chiropractor recommended me to see Corrin when I told him about the awful bouts of anxiety I would go through. Less than two months later, my boss told me I’ve become “a completely different person” which I took to be a HUGE compliment given how much emotional stress I was undergoing. I’m not perfect or where I want to be yet, and I realize now that’s okay – Corrin has been key to activating the path to change I’d prayed for for years now. She has also been so understanding and non-judgmental about my weaknesses and dreams. Highly recommended – thanks, Corrin!”


“I cannot say enough about Corrin and the gift that she has!! I was a bit skeptical of hypnosis in the beginning but once I consulted with her and had my first session I was blown away with the changes in my life. My first session was prior to my wedding. I was so nervous and always had a challenge with being in front of people and public speaking. This fear was stealing the joy of my wedding and all the events leading up to it. I met with Corrin and after the initial session and listening to the recording several nights before I went to sleep I was shocked with the changes in myself. I always turned red and broke our in hives while speaking or being the center of attention. The change was so obvious that most of my close friends and family not only noticed, but made a huge deal about it. My wedding showers and the big day itself where so much fun and I was relaxed and had not one hive or blotch! This also carried over into my daily life and has allowed me to be a better teacher and business owner.

I have also seen Corrin for fertility, fear of flying and most recently binge eating. I have a beautiful 18 month old son and was able to fly to Punta Cana for my honeymoon with zero fear!!! As for the binge eating….I will follow up but as you can see I have had great success. You really have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!!!!

I can’t say enough about how EXTRAORDINARY she is as a person, therapist and friend!”

Jill Ann